Hosted Solutions

” The system installation was straightforward and the features easy to use, especially the call recording. It’s now an essential tool for our business“.

Managed Solutions

Chelmsford Cloud makes it easy for your company to communicate with your customers and get things done by offering a variety of email and business hosting services, all tailored to your business needs and completely secure. Whether its Hosted Desktop, Hosted Telecoms, website hosting, email hosting, storage for your files or data back-up, our enterprise grade systems allow us to offer reliable, bespoke hosted solutions in-house with full control across the entire infrastructure.

A managed hosted solution offers your business total flexibility, offering quick and simple access to your applications and data, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

ticksReputable UK datacentre.

ticks UK-based support available 24×7 all year long.

ticksHigh speed, high redundancy connectivity.

ticksSolution flexibility – in-house managed environment.

ticksAccess your data from anywhere in the world – at home, on a train or abroad

ticksLow cost upgrade path to new business solutions.

ticksAbility to centralize management functions and administrative tasks.

ticksStaff can work and update files on the move (particularly useful for accountants and solicitors).

ticksImproved business continuity.

ticksAllows you to work from home, even in bad weather, or if the kids are off sick!

Managed Desktop

Managed Desktop


We offer a fully managed Hosted Desktop option for organisations of all sizes.

Managed Telephony



Managed Telephony offers your business a complete solution and is flexible, powerful and cost effective alternative to a traditional telephone system.

Managed Server



We offer a fully Managed Hosted Server options for all types of requirements.

Cloud Hosting



Cloud is the solution that puts you back in control. Helping you transform your business at the same time, the beauty of cloud hosting lies in its scalability and limitless potential.